Sue’s Excellent Adventure


From Colorado Springs I will head for the Four-Corners, then west towards Nevada and California before turning north.  I plan to take a little side trip to the Pacific Ocean, and then north toward Oregon and Washington State.


Lolo Pass (Hwy 12) will start me on my trip east, and a stop at the Bear Tooth Mountain Rendezvous is also on my itinerary. 


The final two days home will find me once again on Hwy 12, through North and South Dakota until I reach Minneapolis where I will hop on I-94 for the last 300 miles.


Estimated miles:  8800

Date of Departure:  August 3

Date of Return:  August 19

I’ll be traveling east towards Maine, then south through the major metropolitan areas including Washington DC. 


From there my route will be more relaxed, traveling back roads until I connect with the freeways in Georgia until I hit Texas.  At that point, I’ll swing north through Kansas City, snag the corner of Iowa, and start heading towards Colorado Springs where I will probably stop for tires and some R&R.

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